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From Our Chairman
Thank you for your interest in ASL Monarch Living and our Monarch Communities.

We are dedicated to serving each of our Residents and their family members. Our mission is clear and our core philosophies are a product of my family heritage. My grandparents were all European immigrants who left the old country for a better way of life for their families. They worked hard, had deep religious beliefs, and were focused on their families. We also learned how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life like enjoying a meal together or just sitting around spending time together and listening to stories or sharing thoughts. I have a deep respect for my grandparents and their ability to perservere and to take care of our family.

At ASL, we believe that people are healthier and happier if they are socially active and surrounded by family and friends.

We also respect our Residents and want them to enjoy the lives that they deserve. Our professional experienced staff is caring and compassionate and is committed to serving our Residents and their families and delivering our exceptional Gold Crown Lifestyle. We always listen and are constantly evolving and improving.

It’s an honor and a sincere blessing to be the Chairman of ASL. The work that we do is extremely meaningful and worthwhile since we touch the lives of so many people. We make a difference in people’s lives and we allow our Residents to live the lives that they deserve with dignity, independence, well being, and peace of mind.

Our Residents are a valuable resource of experience, knowledge, and wisdom. At ASL, we find ways to share these precious resources with the communities we serve. Above all, our Residents make their own choices and can be as involved as they want.

It’s our pleasure to be of service and to assist you or your family member.

Kindest regards,

Frank J. Haffner

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